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A Journey into forgetfulness

A Journey into forgetfulness

Have you ever had an experience where you knew …

The name of the person, it was on the tip of your tongue as they say, but ….it just eludes you, just stays slightly beyond your grasp.

Or you just had those car keys, sun glasses, …. but now what did you do with them? Where did you put them?

Now imagine …. that is your life. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, that is your life.

You just can’t quite recall. It is something you should know but. …. It eludes you.

And day by day, week by week the things that slip just into the shadows of your mind where you can sort of glimpse them but can’t quite make out what they are grow and grow and slip further and farther away.


This is what this blog is about. A Journey into forgetfulness. With this blog I will discuss our own experiences with Alzheimer's disease in the hopes it will help others with family or friends with this illness

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Curcumin shows promise in fighting Alzheimer's

Studies conducted at UCLA indicate that Curcumin may be able to help win the battle against Alzheimer's. This is not anything new, but I have found many people who are caring for Alzheimer's victims are unaware of it.

Studies have shown for years that the population of India has one of the lowest incidents of Alzheimer's in the world. Scientist believe it is because of curcumin, a natural ingredient found in turmeric and curry powder.

Currently there are no known cures for Alzheimer's. The best doctors can hope to do is slow down the progression of the illness. If you have a family member or friend with Alzheimer's, curcumin is something you may want to look into and discuss with the doctor. This is especially true if they are in the early to middle stages of Alzheimer's. It is non-toxic, has no known side affects and is the first substance that shows potential to actually reverse alzheimer's.

I mention all of this because Curcumin is NOT available by prescription. It is a natural spice which is found in Turmeric and Curry powder. Supplements of 95% pure curcumin can also be purchased. I just ordered a supply for my father who is at the middle to later stages of Alzheimer's.

I have a link to a page on my website where I give links to the research being done with Curcumin. Currently UCLA is conducting Clinical trials. If you have any experience with using Curcumin (which is also being used against Cancers), leave a comment and let everyone know what your experience has been.

PS: I did not list the source of curcumin I am buying for my father because I do not want people to think I am pushing a particular seller. I am happy to tell you who I have purchased curcumin from if you want to know. Just drop me an email or comment. We are currently giving my father 1000 mg a day. I'm not sure that is enough. This product also has bioperine included which helps increase the amount of curcumin absorbed by the body.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted this, Tim. My husband's father appears to be in the early stages now, so this is definitely something we will be looking into. I'm going to go find the link to the research you referenced now.

Anonymous said...

My 4 year old twins, Addi and Cassi Hempel, are taking UCLA's curcumin developed by Verdure Sciences. They have a rare disease that has been referred to as the childhood Alzheimers. It's called Niemann Pick Type C and it's fatal. This Curcumin by UCLA is amazing and has helped my twins with their balance and coordination and overall mood.