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A Journey into forgetfulness

A Journey into forgetfulness

Have you ever had an experience where you knew …

The name of the person, it was on the tip of your tongue as they say, but ….it just eludes you, just stays slightly beyond your grasp.

Or you just had those car keys, sun glasses, …. but now what did you do with them? Where did you put them?

Now imagine …. that is your life. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, that is your life.

You just can’t quite recall. It is something you should know but. …. It eludes you.

And day by day, week by week the things that slip just into the shadows of your mind where you can sort of glimpse them but can’t quite make out what they are grow and grow and slip further and farther away.


This is what this blog is about. A Journey into forgetfulness. With this blog I will discuss our own experiences with Alzheimer's disease in the hopes it will help others with family or friends with this illness

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Wild Week

You never know with an Alzheimer's victim, what to expect one minute to the next much less over a longer time period.

Last week on Tuesday, my father was taken to the doctor because he had been complaining about pain in his leg. Sure enough, the doctor said he had a "bad back" and prescribed Tramadol to help with the pain.

By Thursday night, the Tramadol was apparently having an effect on him. Just not the one you would want. He was wired. I could never get him settled to sleep that night. Friday and Friday night were even worse. Not only was he wired but he was also hallucinating and talking more nonsensical than normal.

Was it the medication or just another stage, another advance in the Alzheimer's disease? Or some of both? We took him off the Tramadol and he seems to slowly be getting back to the way he was. At least he is sleeping more again and not climbing the walls all day and night.

I should note that his reaction to the Tramadol, if it was the Tramadol, is not normal. Is it normal for victims of Alzheimer's? I don't know but there is no mention of it in the literature I found on-line.

If any of you out there reading this blog have an Alzheimer's site or blog and want to link it here, let me know. This is largely just an effort to inform others about Alzheimer's. So I'll be happy to add your site as a link

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